To provide a positive net total return, regardless of market conditions or general market direction, with low correlation to North American equity and credit markets. The Fund will use alternative investment strategies, such as equity long/short, pairs trading, arbitrage trading, thematic trading, the use of derivatives for leverage and/or borrowing for investment purposes, and seek to achieve its objectives by investing primarily in equities, ETFs, fixed income and listed options in North American markets. During normal market conditions, the Fund’s expected range of aggregate gross exposure is 100% to 150% times its net asset value.

Unique Attributes

  • Diversified North American securities of issuers of varying sizes of market capitalization

  • Long/short strategy using leverage and shorting to improve risk/return

  • Utilizes predominantly fundamental investment methodologies to identify and assess the investment merits of a given security, on an absolute basis and relative to the rest of the portfolio.

Quick Facts

Fund Type Long/Short Equity
Start Date Series A: April 24, 2019
Series F: April 24, 2019
Fund Code Series A: FOR100
Series F: FOR110
Management fees Series A: 2.00%
Series F: 1.00%
Performance Fee 20% of net profit above the High-Water Mark
no reset
Risk Level Medium
Minimum Investment $1,000
Subsequent Investment $500
Systematic Purchases $100

Sector Exposure

As of 9/30/19

Source: Forge First Asset Management Inc.

Asset Allocation (Net Exposure)

As of 9/30/19

Source: Forge First Asset Management Inc.

Country Exposure

As of 9/30/19

Source: Forge First Asset Management Inc.


Current Net Asset Value

Historic Net Asset Value

Fund Facts
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Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees, performance fees and expenses all may be associated with mutual fund investments. Please read the prospectus before investing. Mutual funds are not guaranteed, their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated. Alternative funds can only be purchased through an IIROC registered dealer and are available only in those jurisdictions where they may be lawfully offered for sale. This document is not intended to provide legal, accounting, tax or investment advice.